The Next Steps

Hello everyone! I would like to thank everyone who is on here for being directly involved and for donating to the cause. With your help, we will look to start one of the first high school eSports teams in the valley!

The plan moving forward is to sign up for High School eSports League (HSEL) and PlayVS. HSEL seems to be the most promising, as they offer more games for a variety of gamers, plus a deal that will allow us unlimited entries for all games for all seasons. This is a 3 year deal that costs about $12,000 total. While this is a lofty goal (especially when you include other expenses) I believe this could be within reach. I have contacted various local businesses and a university with the hopes of partnering together, which will ideally include funds. I will keep you posted as more information comes in.

In the meantime, the plan will be to make our first payment in December so we can get our PCs and be ready for the winter season. It is my hope that seniors will be able to participate in at least the winter and spring seasons.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me here or email me at aclemetson@cousd.net. You can also help tremendously by sharing the fundraiser on social media. I believe this is the link:

Thank you all.

Mr. C
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