Top of the month!!

Good evening everyone!

I have gave the guys instructions for the next coming days. I’m planning to meet with them via zoom Friday. The linemen at 12pm and skill players at 2pm! I’ve also sent them a workout they must complete and sent to my phone tomorrow by 3pm! Going forward, I will meet with them every week and also send the home workouts to complete at home.

This will be my way to keep them busy and also to continue to move our program forward. It will be a great help while you have the guys at home to get back motivated to prepare themselves as we wait to get back to normalcy! Accountability is key!!

I’ve reached most the guys via Social Media. If your son have not been contacted by me today, please have them reach out to me!

If you have any questions, feel free to call or text me. 323-356-1392

Coach Carter
Team Feed