MUST BE DONE! ONLY IF YOU TOOK IT LAST YEAR AT MCARTHUR ARE YOU EXCUSED. (NOT SURE, ASK!) CANNOT TAKE ON PHONE! IMPACT Testing Directions No point in trying to cheat, will only hurt you in the event you do receive a concussion. This is to get a baseline of your brain on a NORMAL day to know where we need to get back to if you suffer a concussion. ***ONLY TAKE THIS TEST ONE TIME! IF YOU NEED TO TAKE IT AN ADDITIONAL TIME, MRS. TY WILL LET YOU KNOW! MUST BE DONE ON LAPTOP 1. navigate to https://impacttestonline.com/htmllauncher 2. Where it shows "Please Enter your Customer Code" enter TKYVUYT02S -- best if you copy and paste code 3. Click Validate - should say McArthur HS below 4. Click Launch Baseline Test 5. Begin test by selecting language desired. If your first language is NOT English, I recommend taking this test in your preferred language. 6. When you get to a page that says "enter additional demographics" or "skip additional demographics" SELECT TO SKIP! (for sport enter FOOTBALL) 7. When you finish the test, please enter mcarthuratc@gmail.com to send email confirmation of completion. ALL BASELINE TESTS MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE TIME YOU RECEIVE PADS. If you need to take this test again you will be informed. You will not be allowed to hit once we get to that stage in practices without a VALID BASELINE test recorded.
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