Updates this week

Good afternoon, here are the updates this week.

Tickets for Friday's game will be distributed to players who suit for Varsity. Each player that suits will receive four tickets today after practice. You will pay for admission at the game and have your tickets with you. If you will not all four tickets please send them back tomorrow so we can get these tickets to others. I have not hear yet on the tickets for JV/Freshman game against Andover Central.

Thursday practice will be release at 5:30 instead of six. This will remain the same for the remainder of the season.

Friday Home away game against Andover Central. The game will take place at Andover Central High School.

Fan gear is in. Yesterday we received fan gear and will be distributing the gear to the players to take home tonight.

Monday we will have a Freshman and JV game at Home versus Andover Central. I have not heard how tickets will be bought for the JV/Freshman games.

Thank you for all you support.

Darrin Fisher
Team Feed