Emporia State Camp Roommate Assignments

I need to know who you want for a roommate at ESU (2 players per room). Send me a text or email after talking with your boy and confirm with me who you want to stay with ASAP. I have to turn in the room assignments this week. If you have a buddy that did not play last year but is talking about coming out this summer and traveling - tell him I need to hear from him as well. (Hall, Lubbers, Bosley, Rudkin, Cantrell, Burke, etc.) We want to GROW our team - keep the pressure on dudes to come out and be a part of our family. Every player we add brings something to the table that can make us better as a team. Money and permission slips are due by June 4th. If you have issues with the $150 come see me before the summer starts June 1. 316-250-3880 L-UP
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