Pre season program Expectation letter from Coach

Players & Parents-


I hope this message finds you well and for those competing in club soccer, the second half of your season is off to a strong start.   From a JSerra Boys’ Soccer perspective we are well under way planning for the 2022-23 season.  Reflecting on this past season, we have high expectations for the program next year and are excited to continue our journey raising strong young men and competing toward our many program goals.   As our program continues to grow and achieve new milestones, we are working to provide early information to all players and families regarding schedules and expectations for next season.  


This past season the program was supported by more than 80 players across three quality teams.  Interest and exposure of the program and our successes continues to grow, and we are looking forward to another very strong incoming freshman class and returning rosters.


In anticipation of next season, it is important to outline in advance, next season's player expectations and provide key dates for players and families to plan around.  


Program Expectations:


1.     Player Expectations:

a.     Players are expected to be present and committed to all JSBS field or weight room training sessions.  

b.     High School Soccer is a winter sport.  Our on-field schedules may conflict with holidays or other events.  This is the reality of a winter sport and a requirement for a program competing at our level and with future aspirations.  Missing any on field, weight room, or film / classroom training (including summer and preseason weight training) will have a direct impact on roster selection, playing time and starting rosters.  

c.      Injuries are part of the game and injured players are expected to communicate with their respective coaches, seek rehabilitation support from the JSerra Athletic Training Staff and attend all training sessions (when not visiting the training room) to participate in film, strategy sessions and support their teammates.

d.     Club team participation is understood and encouraged.  At the same time, our goal is to build chemistry and a strong team bond.  All players are expected to participate in all JSBS training, scrimmages, and events.  Direct conflicts with Club Team events are to be coordinated directly between players and their respective coach.


2.     Team Rosters:

a.     Roster limits should be expected by all players for next season.

b.     All players may not make a team roster.   Individual team rosters will be built based on skill, level of experience, commitment and “coachability”.  

c.      Coaches expect all players to put 100% effort toward all on and off field activities.  Players are expected to attend all on field sessions to give them the best opportunity to make their desired team roster.


3.     Player or Parent Communication:

a.     F/S & JV:  

i.     Player communication is expected to be direct with their respective team Head Coach.

ii.     Parent communication should be initiated only after communication between player and Head Coach.  If additional communication is required, parents should contact the team Head Coach.  

iii.     If additional communication is required, the Program Director will meet with the player, parent, and head coach, after the above channels have been taken.

b.     Varsity:

i.     Player communication should be initiated with Coach Peter Carey.

ii.     If needed, the player, Coach Peter Carey and Coach Erik Kirsch will meet.

iii.     Parent communication should be initiated only after the above channels have been taken.



Key Dates:

1.     July 5-14 

a.     Phase 1 ID Camp / Games

b.     July 5 – 15, Noon to 4:30PM, Tues, Wed, Thurs.

c.      Registration can be completed at: Boys Soccer Summer Camp - JSerra Catholic High School

2.     September – October

a.     Morning (6AM – 7:30AM) preseason Weight Training

3.     November 1

a.     Declared playing season starts

4.     November 1-13 

a.     Daily Field Training

 i.     Intensity and workload will be monitored due to club soccer commitments.

b.     Phase 2-Tryouts

c.      Pre-Season Games

5.     November 14-18

a.     Daily Field Training

 i.     Intensity and workload will be monitored due to club soccer commitments.

b.     Scrimmages (X2)

c.      Individual Team Roster Building – Roster Limits Imposed 

6.     November 19-27

a.     Daily Field Training

 i.     Intensity and workload will be monitored due to club soccer commitments.

b.     Varsity Trip

c.      JV Trip 

d.     F/S OFF

7.     November 28-30 

a.     Daily Field Training

b.     Team Rosters Announced

c.      1st Non-League Game

8.     December 1-16 

a.     Daily Field Training

b.     Non-League Games

9.     December 17-26 

a.     OFF – All Teams

10.  December 27- 30 – All Teams

a.     Daily Field Training

b.     Alumni Game

11.  January 2-March 31, 2023 

a.     Daily Field Training

b.     League Games

c.      CIF Playoffs / CIF State Tournament


I wish you all a strong finish for the end of the school year, a great summer and we are looking forward to kicking off our 2022-23 program in a few short months.



 Erik Kirsch

JSerra Boys Soccer Program Director

26351 Junipero Serra Road • San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

www.jserra.org • E: erik.kirsch@jserra.org • T: 949.493.9307 ext.4226


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