Blast Fundraiser

Good morning Saugus Soccer! I am Joe Anaya your Blast Athletic fundraiser representative. Thank you for having me assist with raising the much needed funds to have a successful program. Other programs at Saugus launched their blast fundraisers two weeks ago and have surpassed $20,000. I am confident that boys soccer will be very successful as long as the team and parents do their part. Next step: Get with your parent/guardian and enter 20 contacts for potential sponsors. We prefer both an email and cell phone number for each contact but if you only have access to one, the cell phone works best (Blast will not share or sell your contacts information and donating is very secure). Athletes, click on the yellow “Invite Sponsors” button and fill out the blanks. Do this a minimum of 20 times for each athlete and Blast will do the rest. When we decide on a fundraiser launch date, Blast will send out the invite in a nice package with your team video attached. Athletes: please have a profile pic of just you from the shoulders up, without a mask. Your donors will look for your name and photo out of a list of your teammates. Trust me, they want to see your face. There will be business sponsorship opportunities with four spots available per level. (More info to come). Here is a link for a short video that will explain how to invite your sponsors and also give an overview of Blast Fundraiser. https://www.blastathletics.com/videos/YY23ADUZC2GHTYVGGNOQL77D4M Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions at [email protected] or 818-581-1895. Go Saugus! Joe
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