Saugus Girls Jr. Varsity Soccer Fundraiser

Welcome to our 2023-2024 Saugus Girls Soccer Fundraiser!! We are excited to partner with Blast Athletics AGAIN for our fundraising needs, for our upcoming season! The funds raised are used to make sure the athletes have a successful, fun and memorable season. The money helps us with the costs of uniforms, equipment, transportation, team bonding events, game day lunches, coaching, senior night, and our end of the year banquet awards ceremony. By donating to our program, big or small, you are helping out our student athletes compete in the sport that they love! With your donation to our program, you will be able to follow us and stay connected this season! Thank you for your support!! Go Saugus!!!

About Us

The Saugus Girls’ soccer team is intended to create a positive experience for each and every girl who participates. Our philosophy is based on providing a quality, competitive, hard working, and character-based program. At all levels of play the goal is to develop a Varsity team that is both competitive and exemplifies qualities that are presented in our mission statement “The Saugus Soccer Team will always come first over the individual and each person will be responsible to exhibit this quality in practice and in games, in school and at home”.


raised of $35,000 goal


Level # of Donations Amount
Varsity 151 Donations $13,490
JV 106 Donations $7,099
Frosh/Soph 124 Donations $6,626
Digital Ads 3 Purchased $750

Top Sponsors

Sponsor Name Donation Amount
Chris Angelo $1,000
Betty Salazar $250
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