This email is going out to the admins for each team for Blast. We need to get the videos for each team done by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week and have the parents get all of their contacts on the site by 4/25. Below is an email you can send to all parents that shows them how to add their contacts. Once they get all contacts on the site and it goes active then it works for itself and the admins can add content to their team site. The email also has the our contact with Blast and he is available to contact at anytime with questions about the site. Fontana American Little League Families! Please see instructions below on getting on-boarded onto Blast! We are looking to get this going very soon, and ask that you get your profiles created and contacts entered ASAP! 1. Create your profiles! Click link below. Find your team link and click and create your profile. Create your profile as you, a parent. Once created it'll ask you if you have a child on the team, enter your child's information. 2. Enter contacts. Once you create your profile, you'll see a yellow 'add sponsors' button on the team feed! Click the yellow button and enter your 20 contacts. 3. Team video! Each coach/admin will be shooting a quick team video in the coming days at practice or a game. Team links: https://www.blastathletics.com/clubs/476/join_links Thanks for taking care of this in a timely manner so we can get going! -- Michael Hutnick Blast Fundraising 949-690-7042 (c)
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