School Closure

To all
I know everyone wants to know what the plan is going forward as I have already received inquiries from some parents. This is an unusual situation that is unprecedented and is ever changing and fluid. The schools original plan changed suddenly in less than 18 hours of informing the staff and so we were all caught a little off guard by the announcement at the end of the day Friday.

Here is the directive from the athletic department, there is supposed to be no contact between players and coaches until further notice. This will be reviewed on April 1 and we may have the possibility of at least training together after that date. Again, this is a very fluid situation and I could receive different information next week.

At this time Coach Davis is going to put together a plan for the players to train on their own. Obviously this may be a challenge for some families to make happen or some will not feel comfortable with their child going to a local training facility at this time, but they can always do something at home. Push-ups, sit ups, air squats, etc. can help in the meantime. We are meeting Monday as a football staff to figure out how we best utilize this time and I am sure there will be many follow up emails as we move forward.

For now let’s just be thankful that no one at JSerra has been infected with the virus (as far as we know). Our leaders are doing the best they can as they try to wrap their hands around this pandemic, let’s help out by doing what is asked of us. God bless you all!
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