Blast Fundraiser
Key Features
  • Instant Setup — Create Now
  • Raise money fast
  • All online, text & email
  • Individual athlete tracking
  • Happy & entertained sponsors
  • Withdrawal immediately (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • $0 Out of Pocket = 0 Risk
  • Connects to team website
How It Works
Blast Athletics is the top online sports fundraiser on the market. Sports teams can raise substantial money with minimal effort, then reward their sponsors simply by posting scores, photos and videos. A motivated team can create and launch their fundraiser in 30 minutes.

Fundraiser Website

When you click ‘Create Fundraiser’, Blast creates your fundraising website, which attaches to your team page. Once created, you can start working on the Pre-Launch Checklist, which makes it super simple to set up and launch. If you do not have a Blast Rep, we will assign one at this point.

Team Signs Up & Enters Contacts

Instruct athletes (13yrs & older) and parents to go to, REGISTER and follow the wizard to join your team. All they need to know if the team name and level.

Once registered, each athlete (13yrs & older) and their parents are asked to build a list of potential sponsor’s name, email and/or cell phone. They can start entering their list into Blast as soon as the fundraiser is created. Pass out the printout found in the Pre-Launch Checklist to each athlete and their parents.

To enter contacts, log in and look for a yellow ‘Invite Sponsors’ button.

Your team should be entering their contacts while the Team Admins are setting up the fundraiser.

Launch When Ready

After the Pre-Launch Checklist is complete, and your team has entered their contacts, launch! Pick a good time that considers all 3 time zones.

Your sponsors will receive one immediate text and/or email, followed by 3 reminders over the following 3 weeks. That’s it, unless they join your team.

Your team can continue to enter contacts after it is launched.

Sponsors Pay Online

Your potential sponsors will receive a short message and a link that brings them back to the fundraiser website. This is where they learn about the fundraiser, watch the video and pay online.

Sponsors will be able to select an individual athlete or the whole team. When they select an athlete, they will receive weekly updates focusing on that Athlete and the team. If they do not select an athlete, they receive all top content from the entire team.

Tracking: Donations and Participation

Team admins have access to a suite of analytics and basic participation numbers are public. Only Admins can see the dollar amount each athlete has raised, how many contacts they entered and who they contacted.

Get Paid Immediately, Continuously

As soon as the fundraiser is launched, the person who clicked ‘Create Fundraiser’ will be prompted to set up their withdrawals. Blast has created your team a bank account on Bank, where teams can set up withdrawals by direct deposit or check.

As soon as a payment clears, teams can withdrawal their money, enabling teams to use Blast to raise money year round. Plus, teams can paper trail every donation with a click of a button, which is heaven when dealing with schools.


82% / 18% on Initial Donations
  • Blast pays merchant service fees Initial
90% / 10% on Recurring Donations
  • Sponsor pays merchant service fees on Recurring
Plus, teams keep 82% of the ad sales revenue
  • Blast pays merchant service fees on ad sales

100%+ Net Profit is derived when compared to other methods, such as Beg Letters and Beg Emails , who do not offer ad sales. Blast provides the email ad space, delivery and analytics, which is a bonus system for teams that use our Fundraiser.

Free: team website, sponsor updates, real time coverage, athlete profiles, unlimited photos/videos, High School Network website, text announcements. Blast only makes money on the fundraisers.

Reward Your Sponsors

Your Sponsors Want More Coverage!

What sets Blast apart from other fundraisers is the ability for teams to reward their sponsors with coverage. Family and friends are donating because they care about the athletes, so show them what their generosity has created. All you need is a smartphone!

Weekly Update Example:

You Post, We Blast Out

Parents, athletes, coaches and fans can post photos, videos, scores and stats to Blast. Just tag the athletes, everything they are tagged in gets sent to their sponsors every Monday.

Athletes Can’t Film Themselves

Teams need the help of their community to post scores, videos and photos. The athletes and coaches are busy on the field, so parents and fans need to step up.

For school teams, try to the photography and digital media students to participate. They are at your games anyways.

Designate Specific Parents. It is a great idea to have certain parents know their role each game. Three parents can cover a game completely, one on scores and the other two on videos and photos. Understand before the season that your team needs to post coverage to make your sponsors excited to sponsor again next year. There are always parents excited to help, find them and show them Blast.

Hand out the Parents Flyer that is found in the Pre-Launch Checklist to help train the parents.

Sell Your Ad Space
4 Ads x $500 = $2,000

Local companies want to advertise to your players, coaches, fans and sponsors. Now, through Blast, teams can sell these companies ad space on their email communications. Your team will open approximately 75% of emails received this season, making it the perfect vehicle for local companies to advertise on. You sell the ads, you keep 82%, Blast does the rest.

Tax Deductible Advertising
(when applicable)

Ads will appear on:

  • Sponsor Weekly Updates
  • Final Scores
  • Game/Event/Practice Reminders
  • Announcements
  • You’ve Been Tagged

Blast Provides Analytics for Sponsors:

  • # Emails Sent
  • # Emails Opened
  • # Clicks on their Link
  • # Unique Recipients


  • Sell 4 Ads per Team (level)
  • Set Your Price
  • 1 Ad per Email, Rotating Evenly
  • Sponsors create ads on Blast, Team Admins just approve them.
  • Ads run on all emails, all year

Every team has a sales force of athletes, coaches and supporters.

Ideal Companies, Think Local: Insurance agents, realtors, restaurants, car dealerships, retail…

100 people x 100 emails = 10,000 Ads The more athletes, coaches, fans and sponsors, the more ads sent!

Find Out
How Much Your
Team Can Raise

Mon-Sat 9am-7pm PST
Thank you! A Blast Athletics representative will contact you.

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